Here you find some pictures of other treks that we have done ourselves and that we may arrange for you as well. Also, at the bottom of this page, you find the link to the website of Birgit Lutz, author, speaker and expedition leader on arctic adventures. If you are interested: fill in the contact form and we come back to you!

Espedalen Ski Trek 

This is your opportunity to taste a real outdoor adventure, in a sportive and challenging way! Step outside the well-trodden paths and explore Espedalen and Langsua National Park on ski, in a fantastic mountainous area, west of Lillehammer. Get your digital and mental detox in the most natural scenery, by rewarding physical and group efforts. This is your beginner’s back-country trek that you will never forget!

Finnmarksvidda crossing

Finnmark is a traditional training ground for people who want to cross Greenland.

Four times we have made a crossing; taking 5 to 6 days for the 100km between Stilla (Alta) and Karasjok, the capital of the Sami country (Lappland).
The terrain is ideal for pulling a sledge and winter-camping can be well practised. The occasional huts that you pass provide an excellent opportunity to meet some of the original Sami people and learn about their culture and history, including the joy of a freshly baked waffle!

Hardangervidda Trek

A crossing of Hardangervidda, Europe’s largest mountain plateau (‘vidde’ in Norwegian) and Norway’s largest national park, from Finse to Haukeliseter. Very popular with Norwegians and foreigners due to the large number of huts and the proximity to public transport. We used sledge and tent (which is not always easy, given the altitude variations) but switched also to using huts. A classic trip!


This is the area east of Lillehammer where the winter Olympics were once taking place: a cross-country skiing paradise. From the lake of Sjusøen, one can make nice round trips of several days to DNT huts in the east, getting some flavour and experience with back-country trekking. Ideal for the beginner in cross-country skiing.

Greenland icecap crossing 

Guided by Bengt Rotmo, of Børge Ousland SA, we crossed the icecap of Greenland with a team of 6 pax.

We started in Kangerlussuaq in the west and ended at Isortoq, about 560 km further to the east-coast where the icecap drops into the sea.

It was an incredible experience that lasted for almost 4 weeks: we had long, hard days of walking, but if felt unforgettable and magical by the beautiful and stillness of the icecap, the humour we had and the satisfaction that we felt as a team after completing the crossing.

We are in a book!

During our Greenland Crossing in 2013 we met in the end German author and adventurer Birgit Lutz. She is travelling and working in the Arctic since 10 years, has skied twice to the North Pole from the Russian drift ice station Barneo, and she included us in her book about the Greenland Crossing she did with two friends.
The book is available in all book stores in German language only, or you can order signed copies directly with Birgit. It gives a good impression about the happy mood we like to have during our trips and offers valuable information about technique and equipment on arctic skiing expeditions.

Birgit also provides various selected trips throughout the Arctic on sailing vessels and other ships, where she is working as expedition leader or guide. She has a broad experience and knowledge about tour operators and destinations in the far North (Russian Franz Joseph Land, North Pole, Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, East Greenland).
If you think about going up, she can be of invaluable help. Birgit will also be glad to help you in case of questions about our trips in German language. She knows how we guide and travel and she knows the infrastructure of our trips in Norway – as after meeting in Greenland we crossed the Finnmark together, in 2015. Don´t hesitate to
contact her! She is always happy to help.